Featured Topics


Preparing for Birth

This module helps prepare expectant parents for the events that will occur during labor and deliver at UAMS. The course covers the definition of labor; the signs and symptoms of labor; coping with the pair of labor and the physical and emotional changes associated with early, active and transition labor; and the irth of the baby. Relaxation and breathing techniques are introduced during class.


Cord Blood

In this module we learn about cord blood after the birth of your baby. We learn about cord blood cells, banking options, & diversity issues.


Reproductive Genetics Program in Arkansas

In this module we learn about the Arkansas Reproductive Genetics Program & why you are visiting. We will go through a “sample” visit.


Folic Acid and Pregnancy

In this module we learn about folic acid & pregnancy. We will look at what folic acid is, foods that contain folic acid, & vitamins.