Diabetes has become a major health concern for many Americans. If you or a family member have been told you have diabetes, this page will help you learn about the disease and how to take care of yourself. We cover Type 1 and 2, as well as diabetes in pregnancy.

Contact the ANGELS Call Center at 1-866-273-3855 for more information regarding the WIN program, and diabetes management in pregnancy.

Web-Based Instruction on Nutrition (WIN) is a program that helps pregnant women suffering from diabetes manage and maintain their condition during pregnancy. Below is a list of resources related to the (WIN Program).

Carbohydrate Choices
Opciones de carbohidratos
Fast Food Choices
Opciones de comida rápida
Fat Choices
Opciones de Fat
Fruit and Milk Choices
Opciones de frutas y leche
Meat Choices
Opciones de carne
Nonstarchy Vegetable Choices
Opciones de vegetales sin almidón
Sweet Choices
Opciones dulces